Our Approach to Work

Health & Safety

We give priority attention to health and safety of everyone directly or indirectly affected by our activities, and due regard to the environment. We hence conduct our activities in a way such as to avoid injuries to our staff and sub-contractors through proper job planning, effective control of occupational health hazards and prompt medical attention.

Quality In Production & Operation

We are committed to providing our clients with products and services of the highest possible level of quality. In order to achieve this, we are continually improving processes, products and services, meeting and exceeding clients satisfaction at all times.


We also do our best to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. W believe that our natural environment, which is of vital importance to all-living
things must be protected at all times. In pursuance of our technical objectives, recognize the significance of environment by conducting our activities in such a way as to achieve maximum protection of the environment. We also put in place necessary, measures aimed at rectifying the
environment, when unavoidable damage is done.

Community Relations

In order to pursue mutually beneficial relations with host communities, we established and maintain close relationships with our host communities as part of project stakeholders. We continuously assess and abate the social and economic impact of all business activities and take needed preventive or mitigating measures. Moreover, we bring relevant issues affecting host communities to the attention of appropriate authorities and other bodies that can be of assistance, and if for any reason we need to acquire a community land for company operations, such must be well compensated for in a demonstrably fair, accountable and transparent manner and in accordance with statutory provisions and approved procedures.

Strategic Goals

  • We will maximize the assets of Cledop and the welfare of our employees to build a first class oil servicing company
  • We will deliver high quality services at a fair price, giving our customers value for money
  • We will aggressively expand our market share and diversify our geographical base by aiming for rapid growth in Nigeria and Africa.
  • We will provide integrated and individual services and meet our customers’ requests and expectations.
  • We will expand, renew and update equipment and technology
  • We will train key personnel by providing continuous professional development to them, using in-house training and on the job knowledge transfer.
  • We will continually improve all aspects of Health and Safety, Environment and Quality as well as expand our Management Information System.
  • We will strengthen our market position and enhance growth of our activities on existing markets and win new markets.
  • We will improve efficiency and profitability and ensure growth of the company
  • We will recognise the need for continuous improvement in an economic, efficient and effective manner
  • We will provide services with such skills and care above what is expected of a competent contractor in the industry
  • We will engage people with the ability, competences, skills, knowledge, training and experience necessary to provide the service
  • We will meet and exceed industry standard quality requirements
  • We will add innovation to the Nigerian mineral resources by identifying minerals that are related for use in the upstream industry which would help to cut down the Nigerian capital challenge against foreign trade economy.
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Our Core Values


Building business relationship through integrity


Delivering best quality products and services without compromising industry standard


Using best practice and industry accredited standard to provide our services.


Valuing all members of our team and treating them as important and integral to the success of our business.


Striving to make a difference in the oil servicing industry.


Working with our international partners and stake holders with respect and mutual trust


Realising our vision with passion


Exploring new ways and pushing the limits of possibilities ahead


Accepting change as an opportunity for growth

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