OCTG Processing Services

Providing over two decades of commitment to processing for the oil and gas industry, the finest quality steel tubular products.

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We process OCTG products that adapts to extreme temperatures, extended reach applications, and some specially designed and manufactured to meet the demands of today’s most extreme oil and gas environments.
Cledop offerings includes a broad range of connections, casing and tubing, and accessories. We also offer both OCTG casing and tubing services and rig site services.

Why Clients Choose Us


Cledop has grown to become an expert in the supply of oil well chemicals to organisations such as ExxonMobil, SPDC, NPDC, SINOPEC, etc.


We are committed to quality of service – delivering best quality products and services without compromising industry standard.


We innovate regularly our business process, products and services by introducing new methods, ideas, products, etc.